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One who has exceptional interest, taste and discernment in audio systems.
An electrical device of a variety of designs and materials that has the nature of opposing DC and low frequency electricity. Can store electrical charges, sometimes at painful, dangerous or even deadly levels.
A combination of electrical components creating two or more frequency filters, the purpose of which is to prevent certain frequencies from reaching certain drivers.
Decibel (dB)
A measure of power relative to something else.
Digital Multimeter
The mechanical device that converts the electrical signal into air vibrations. Also known as a transducer.
The box or cabinet in which is housed a driver and related electronics.
Part of a crossover.
The rate of cyclical, repeated change in an electrical, acoustical or similar field.
The unit of frequency, equivalent to 'cycles per second.'
Resistance to electrical current flow, usually proportional to frequency.
A device -- usally a coil of wire or foil -- that has the nature of opposing high frequency electricity. Such energy gets rapidly stored in a magnetic field and then discharged back into the line from which it came.
Usually measured in milliHenrys (mH), a measure of a coil's effect upon alternating current electricity.
LCR Meter
Similar to a DMM, but instead of measuring resistance, voltage and amperage, measures capacitance, inductance and impedance (and usually DC resistance, too).
A doubling or halving of the frequency.
A device that (usually) resists both DC and AC electricity equally.
Opposition to electrical current flow, usually unrelated to frequency, especially if noted as DC resistance or DCR.
Signal Generator
An electrical device that creates sine waveforms, typically of small voltages, at a variety of wavelengths as low as one Hz (cycle per second), and extending to many thousands or millions of Hz.
Usually refers to the complete box and contents in which is housed one or more drivers.
See driver.

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