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Company Procedures and Policies

It is an impossible and foolish task to attempt to specify every possible human interaction. But the truth is that many people want to know "what if?" And for that reason we have compiled these pages.

For items not specifically covered, our priorities are as follows:

  1. Implement the virtue of justice in all interactions -- that is, give to people what is due them
  2. Clearly communicate what we will attempt -- how much it will cost, how long it will probably take, and what the final result will be -- then make every effort to achieve it
  3. When in error, apologize, take responsibility and make it right
  4. When in doubt, lean in favor of the customer
  5. Do not take advantage of anyone, and do not allow others to take advantage of us

Our Guaranty

We hope that you are deeply pleased with the products and services we provide. But we recognize that, for any number of reasons, things don't always turn out exactly as everyone hoped. We expect the customer to be responsible for any work, products or service that he has knowingly requested of us. And, in general, we will assume responsibility for any errors or failures on our part (or on the part of our products) as follows.

Shipping, handling and insurance are not covered by this gauranty and are generally non-refundable; there may be a restocking fee for returns, depending on the situation; due to administrative and transaction fees we do not refund amounts less than $25 (but are happy to provide a store credit).

Finished, Custom Built Speakers

Every electrical component is hand-measured and selected, and all finished speakers are carefully tested before leaving our shop. Everything we make and sell will operate properly without defect in materials or workmanship for the life of original purchaser. Because they are electro-mechanical devices, with use (especially heavy use), the drivers will eventually wear out and need replacement. Thankfully, they are easily replaced. Just call us and we can send out a replacement driver for much less than the cost of an entire speaker. The electrical components in the enclosure usually last many years. However, if driven past their power limits, electrical components and drivers will fail prematurely. Such failures are not covered. We gauranty them, under normal use, for one year.

Break-In Period: Please allow at least 48 hours of playing time for the speakers and supporting electrical devices to properly break in. If, after 48 hours of playing time, one of our designs is not operating as advertised, we will repair or replace it at no additional cost to you.

If you are not satisfied with your speaker system purchase, you may return it for an exchange, credit or refund of the purchase price within 30 days of receipt. Such returns must be authorized in advance.

Kits and Individual Components

Raw electrical and hardware components (e.g., resistors, capacitors, inductors, screws, standoffs, etc.), if unused, undamaged and uninstalled, may be returned for an exchange or credit.

Cut wood panels, if they are for our stock designs and in original condition, may be eligible for a partial credit or exchange.

Order Cancellations

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel an order. However, we expect the customer to take responsibility for the expense of any work we have engaged prior to their notice of cancellation. This is usually a 5% of the order just for transaction and administrative fees, or $50, whichever is more. If labor has already been committed to enclosure fabrication, these costs can be considerable, but we generally limit them to the handling/shipping expense that was estimated for the order. It is usually financially better to simply postpone an order than it is to cancel it entirely.

Site Speaker Design Service

No promise is made regarding the accuracy of any of the design calculations; they are mathematical, hypothetical predictions only. Actual results may vary significantly. All calculations should be carefully double-checked manually. We assume no liability for loss, real or imagined, as a consequence of using this web site.

Shipping Problems

We will replace any items lost or damaged in shipment from us to you at no cost to you. The only exception to this is if we were provided an incorrect shipping address by the customer, in which case we will expect the customer to cover the cost of replacement.

Mail and Fax Orders

We do accept orders by mail, fax and telephone, as well as over the web site. Web site orders are MUCH preferred. Custom systems designed using our online design system MUST be ordered over the web site.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, check, PayPal, wire transfer, and other reliable means. All payments should be made in US dollars. Bad checks may be electronically debited plus an administrative fee of $30. Unnecessary chargebacks will result in additional charges to cover the chargeback fee, plus an administrative fee of $30.


We do not share any customer information with any other party unless required by law. We sometimes send customer service mail and e-mail to people who have either purchased from us or otherwise extensively used our services. People can easily remove themselves from our mailing list by contacting us and requesting removal.

We do not purchase, rent or collect contact information in other ways.

Product Sources

Insofar as is possible, all materials, parts and components in our products are made in America. Our speaker sets are all made here at our shop, which is in America (Oregon, to be more precise). Our staff is, insofar as we are aware, also made in America. The only parts that we think might be made elsewhere are some of the miscellaneous hardware -- spade connectors, screws, etc. -- but we haven't looked into that. A singular exception to this is the drivers, which come from all over the world.


We utilize server systems considered to be the most secure in the industry. We encrypt any pages that transfer private information. We do not store private information on the public server any longer than is necessary to accept and record the order -- and during the short period that it is on the server, it is encrypted. We have our own servers that are on our private premises. No one else has access to the server.


We attempt to ship by the least expensive method that will get the product to you intact and in good speed. For lighter items like individual components, this is typically first class postage, parcel post or priority mail. Large, heavier items ship by Federal Express, UPS and other means. All shipments are insured by one means or another (please call us immediately if you receive a damaged item).

Terms of Use

We use this site to design and market our own custom speaker designs. We are making this tool available as a public service. However, it provides approximate, hypothetical projections only, and the measurements and components frequently need minor adjustment. In addition, it 'understands' only certain configurations. If your design has assumptions not assumed by this system, the results could be less than pleasing. Consequently, this web site and all information contained herein is provided to the public for educational purposes only. We make no warranty regarding its applicability or merchantability for a particular purpose, and are not responsible for any loss, real or imagined that users may experience. In addition, users agree not to duplicate or reverse engineer our server code and applications, all of which are protected by US copyright law. By using this site the visitor agrees to these terms and agrees to personally accept full responsibility for any consequences of using or otherwise acting upon the information at this site.

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